I’m on a mission to make your mini sessions more successful. I want to teach you how to increase your profits without having to work more.

Learn How To Plan, Market, & Run Your Mini Sessions


Have you ever planned a
mini session only for it to flop?

In 2021 I made nearly half of my yearly income through 14 days of mini sessions. Over the years, I have come to find mini sessions as the perfect balance of value for my clients and income for me. Mini sessions are a great opportunity to give clients a high quality photo experience at a more affordable rate. 

are you ready for your life to change?

I’m on a mission to make your mini sessions more successful. I want to teach you how to increase your profits without having to work more.

Learn how to plan, market, & run your mini sessions

are you ready to book out your minis?

Can you imagine having...

If you were nodding your head along, then I got you girl.

Email templates for every step of the process

A marketing strategy in place

Profitably priced sessions

Creative session Ideas that bring in clients

a step by step guide to plan your minis

I loved that this was broken up into digestible sections. I am new to the photography business and have never offered fall or Christmas minis before. Brittnie’s guide made it so easy for me to transfer the skills to my own mini sessions! 


I will be honest, my mini sessions weren’t successful overnight. In fact, the very first mini session I ever offered was FREE. Yes, you read that right... I made absolutely no money. I don’t want you to have to make all of the mistakes I made over the years, and trust me, I have made them all! You don't have to muddle through trial and error like I did, that's where this guide comes into play. I must tell you, this guide isn’t a magic fix to all of your mini session problems.

I've been where you are friend...

You will have to put in the work. Believe in yourself and embrace journey.

Go for it, try all of the things. If nothing else, hear those words.

say yes to your future

Cut The Chaos:
A Guide To Mini Sessions

For Family Photographers Ready to Sell Out Their Minis. There are 7 modules & 17 lessons walking you step by step though how to plan your minis for success, hype them up to sell them out, and how to get the most out of each session for your clients.

After the session the work isn't over. I teach you to upsell to double your profit. I show you how I organize, cull, & soft proof mini session galleries. And what to do when a mini session flops.



How do you get everything you need in just 15-20 minutes? How do you give your client an amazing experience to convert them into lifelong clients? How do you deal with clients who show up late?



Communicating your expectations with your clients before the session will ensure that your sessions go as smooth as possible. I give you email templates to do just that.



Marketing your minis  is arguably the hardest part of running mini sessions but it doesn't have to be complicated. I give you a website SEO checklist to help clients to find you on Google, email marketing tips, and a launch plan calendar.



How do you plan your mini sessions? I'll help you brainstorm unique, creative ideas your clients will love. I show you how I plan my schedule, how I set up my booking calendar, and give you a planning and pricing spreadsheet.



We start with answering "what are the benefits of minis?" and dive into understanding your WHY in order to connect with your clients and book more mini sessions.



what's inside?

say yes today,

So You Can Thank Yourself Tomorrow.
can you imagine this...

⟡You are easily booking your dream clients that value your talent & are eager to pay your prices.

⟡You are confident in your biz and the direction you want to grow in the future.

⟡You have a clear actionable marketing plan for continued growth.

⟡You have automations in place to save you time & stress to enjoy your life.