Build a photography business around your beautiful, messy life

Business & Productivity Coach for Busy Photographers

You Can Build a Business Without Burnout That Balances Life and Work.

I see you… after “just one more story,” the bedtime routine is finally done, and there you are, laptop and coffee (no judgment) in hand, ready to hash out a blog post and Instagram content for your photography business.

But instead of the ideas flowing – you're blanking. Every social media caption you type falls victim to the backspace key, and before you know it, the hour before your bedtime that you carved out to crush your content is almost over, with only a blank screen, a spinning mind, and an empty coffee cup to show for it.

It doesn’t have to be this way, my fellow mama photographer.

What if you could build out a clear and concise messaging strategy that speaks directly to your target audience, allowing you to book more of the clients you love while still having time for yourself?

What if I told you that you could achieve this through 1:1 coaching in just eight weeks?


Welcome to 1:1 Coaching with Brittnie Renee.

running a photography business shouldn't come with a side of burnout.

Business & Productivity Coaching for Photographers

build a business around that beautiful life.

You deserve to have a passionate advocate and a creative thinker by your side to help you build your dream business. If you're ready to take the guesswork out of building a profitable business that fits your life - without hustling every ounce of your free time - it's time to invest in a coach.

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1:1 Business & Productivity Coaching For Photographers


You may think of balance as a buzzwordy myth or as fantastical as glimpsing a unicorn in your backyard. Instead, you can build a routine that works for your family, so you have time to be the rock star mom that you are AND make time to work in your business.

Bring me your business problems and I will help you grow and scale your photography business in less time through routines and effiecent marketing.

Creating A Routine & Setting Goals

Creating a Website That Does The Heavy Lifting with SEO

Blogging to Increase Your Growth

Creating A Marketing Plan That Doesn't Feel Exhausting

what can brittnie help me with during a 1:1 strategy call?

Each strategy call is tailored to your individual needs. Sometimes that may look like one of these topics:

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Ready to elevate your value, win the hearts of high-quality clients, and become the go-to photographer in your area?

Meet Your Coach (& New Virtual BF)

But when the sun starts to set? That’s when I turn into a photography ninja. Armed with my trusty Sony and my editing wizardry, I can calm even the most animalistic of child antics.

I’ve been a photographer for almost 13 years, and in the midst of building the photography business of my dreams, I help other busy mamas just like you do build a business that doesn’t feel overwhelming. Even though it may feel impossible to balance your life while building a business, I’m living proof that it is possible, friend.

Hi, I'm Brittnie - middle name Renee.

I am a family and newborn photographer based in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. As a wife and mom to three wildlings, I spend my days as a master chaos wrangler, juggler of the mom things, and nap enthusiast. 

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Strategy Call

We will met via Zoom for one hour to answer any  photography business & productivity related questions you may have.
We will discuss topics of your choice during the call:
business audit, content planning, create a routine, website/SEO audit, automation, client workflow, and more.


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Chatting with Brittnie is like getting together with a long time best friend. She is so personable and friendly, and I know that she genuinely cares about me and my success, rather than just making it all about the money. I didn't expect to spend just 1 hour on the phone and leave with SO much information. I feel a new clarity for what I am doing and what I should be doing, to achieve my business goals!

1:1 strategy call client

Haley Thomas

When I decided to get serious about growing my photography business I really struggled with where I needed to focus my time. Brittnie helped me set priorities, drill down on who my ideal clients are, and provided me with courses to help save time in the process. Brittnie is thoughtful, thorough, kind, and encouraging. She also won't let you give up, she stays in your corner and roots for you to succeed. 

1:1 strategy Call Client

Michelle Watkins

Your workshop helped me so much 💗 I truly truly feel like I can stand up from my pile of utter chaos and take small steps to organize it and thrive in 2024. You’re an inspiration to me and I appreciate all the wisdom you share so freely with your community. It’s beyond valuable to have a gal pal like you in my corner who has gone before and can reach a hand out to a struggling business woman like me and say, it’s okay. You were made for this. Love you Brittnie 💗🫶🏻

Time management workshop client

Hannah Ashbaugh

Brittnie took our newborn photos- not only was it a great investment, but she calmed my new-mom nerves immensely as she is also the ultimate baby whisperer and we ended up with an entire gallery of the sweetest photos that I will cherish forever. 

Keller Newborn Photography Client

Katherine Hale

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With branding and rhythms in place, your work is confined, so your life can take priority. Are you ready?

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