Blogs That Book: Blogging Workshop

Learn To Implement Blogging In Less Than 1 Hour a Week To Book More Photography  Clients

Are you tired of the endless cycle of posting on social media every day to try to get new photography clients?

Have you heard improving your SEO will help bring traffic to your website, but you just aren't sure where to start?

Do you want to start blogging for your photography business but you aren't sure what to write about?

Blogs That Book

Join the
so you can start booking clients while your sleep

In This One Hour  Workshop You Will:

Discover The importance of blogging for your photography business

Learn what role blogging plays in the seo process
(and what seo actually means)

Understand how to optimize your blogs for search engines

learn how to create topics for your blog posts that drives traffic to your website

understand the importance of repurposing your blogs to spend less time actively marketing your business

how to to use pinterest in conjunction with blogging

PLus 4 blogging templates


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