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If you’ve ever started a new year in your business and are eager to set goals, only to realize that not only did you not achieve the goals you set this time last year, but you also experienced a hard pivot in your business that made those goals unrealistic or irrelevant, then hello – I […]

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Join Brittnie in a live coaching episode with Amy as we discuss the importance of blogging and optimizing her website for search engines. As she dives into creating blog posts tailored to her target audience, focusing on beach and branding sessions, she realizes the potential of repurposing snippets for social media. Highlights in this episode: […]

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Being vulnerable, honest, and transparent in your business can actually make you more successful. If you don’t believe me, I’m on a mission to convince you otherwise. I promise you, the way you run your business is going to lead to how successful it is. It’s not your images. Yes, of course, your work needs […]

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The launch of Calm the Chaos is right around the corner, you guys. This is my baby (pun fully intended). For today’s episode I pulled some of the information straight out of the course to share with you. Part of the course walks you through marketing your newborn photography business. If you find it helpful […]

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In this episode of Capture The Chaos: Grow Your Newborn & Family Photography Business I’m sharing a few of the mistakes I made when I first started lifestyle newborn photography. We will talk about how to prepare the clients for a successful newborn session, lighting mistakes to avoid, and how to soothe a baby for […]

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In this episode of Capture The Chaos: Grow Your Newborn & Family Photography Business I’ll share what to do when there is no natural light in your client’s home. We will discuss camera settings, how to find the light, tools you can use to brighten shadows, and creative ways you can use light in a […]

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