Right now, your business and marketing might look like the metaphorical equivalent of confetti on the ground after a birthday session: A BIT OF A MESS.

That fits into the life you love to live

Build A Thriving Family Photography Business

don't throw in the towel yet mama



Right now, your business and marketing might look like the metaphorical equivalent of confetti on the ground after a birthday session: A BIT OF A MESS.

That fits into the life you love to live

Build A Thriving Family Photography Business

don't throw in the towel yet mama

Hi! I'm Brittnie. Believer, wife, mom, photographer, DIY-er, podcaster, & educator. I drink way too much caffeine, love taking naps, enjoy the idea of the outdoors but prefer it from my window, and I'm a part time crunchy/hippie.

For years I did photography as a hobbyist, never knowing how far this little side hustle would reach its tentacles in my life. One day it clicked, what do those other "big" photographers have that I didn't? Absolutely nothing. And so, I threw my whole heart and soul into building my business, in my own open and authentic way.

This business, nay... this way of life has given me the opportunity to share my passion and expertise with so many amazing photographers who are creating successful businesses of their own. I love geeking out over marketing, helping women create a brand that feels authentic to them, and sharing time saving hacks that allow more time doing the things we love. All while chasing my three wildlings around, drinking plenty of water, and sneaking in my own naps.

I can’t wait to say hi, talk about your dreams and figure out how we can grow your biz.

my story


To equip you with the knowledge and confidence to grow a thriving, successful photography business that lets you prioritize your values.

 Everything you need is inside of you, we just need to unlock it. I will not tell you what your business needs to look like. I will guide you, ask you questions to help direct you, but ultimately this is your show. 


Can you imagine having...

If you were nodding your head along, then i got you girl.

Refining your brand messaging

Upleving your client experience

a stronger marketing game

confidence in your pricing

creating boundaries in your business

A clear strategy to meet your goals

Chatting with Brittnie is like getting together with a long time best friend. She is so personable and friendly, and I know that she genuinely cares about me and my success, rather than just making it all about the money. I didn't expect to spend just 1 hour on the phone and leave with SO much information. I feel a new clarity for what I am doing and what I should be doing, to achieve my business goals! I highly recommend Brittnie to everyone looking for some guidance! You will not be disappointed!

-haley thomas

When I decided to get serious about growing my photography business I really struggled with where I needed to focus my time. Brittnie helped me set priorities, drill down on who my ideal clients are, and provided me with courses to help save time in the process. Brittnie is thoughtful, thorough, kind, and encouraging. She also won't let you give up, she stays in your corner and roots for you to succeed. 

- michelle watckins

I spent years DIY-ing my business. I taught myself how to edit, how to send individual emails and invoices, and how to create my own websites. I was able to pick up a few skills here and there online, but my growth was slow, painful, and unsustainable. I still felt like a fraud in the photography community. And then something amazing happened.

i started investing in my business & my growth supercharged.

I doubled my income in one year. and doubled it again the next year.

i've been there


strategy call

DIy courses

3 month coaching

This is the perfection option if you have one problem that you'd like to have support navigating.
From SEO, creating your authentic brand, pricing help, to social strategy. Let's create a strategy to help you.
One day, one hour, via zoom. You will also receive detailed notes & a replay of our call.

You're tired of doing business without a recipe to help you succeed. You know you have what it takes to create a successful biz, you just need support figuring it all out. Let me be your guide.
Two monthly calls (one 1:1, one group) minimum 3 months & additional support throughout the month.

You're a self starter, DIYing machine. You know you can do it on your own, at your own pace, you just need a blueprint on what needs to be done. A self paced course may be exactly what you need. I offer several options for courses & as well as a Facebook community with resources.



tell me more

let's do it

take me there

We’ll work together to define your goals and plan what YOU want your business to look like. No two programs are exactly the same.



Before we start, we will meet for a discovery call (usually in a group zoom call with other photographers.) This gives you the opportunity ask questions and air your concerns. 



To serve my clients well, my coaching program only opens twice a year - late winter & summer. If you are interested, hop on the waitlist for information and notification when coaching spots open.



here's how it works

3 month coaching


We’ll work together to define your action steps, and I’ll send you a detailed strategy plan (AKA homework - but not the icky math kind). As well as several resources to help along the way.



During your 1:1 Zoom call we’ll discuss and develop strategies in order to help you meet your business goals with confidence. No photography related topic is off-limits.



Book your 1:1 call on my booking calendar. I will send you a form to fill out. Tell me a bit more about yourself, the current state of your business, and what you’re hoping to get out of our coaching relationship.



here's how it works

strategy call


say yes today,

So You Can Thank Yourself Tomorrow.
can you imagine this...

⟡You are easily booking your dream clients that value your talent & are eager to pay your prices.

⟡You are confident in your biz and the direction you want to grow in the future.

⟡you Have a clear actionable marketing plan for continued growth.

⟡You have automations in place to save you time & stress to enjoy your life.

cheers to planning away all of the stress in order to capture the magic of your family! i promise you won’t regret it.

Thank You!

I’m so excited you’re interested in working together! I’m ready to get to work planning the photography business of your dreams.
Please fill out the form with as much information as possible, or email me at brittniereneephoto@gmail.com, and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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